Inspire change

Together with people and businesses we are exploring and inventing new ways to help us all live a smarter, richer and more sustainable life. We do so by pioneering and developing inspiring and easy to use digital experiences that work across various digital touchpoints.

Why Knöw?

We craft tailor-made & well-performing digital experiences

For humans

We love making outstanding digital experiences for people using your digital products. That means, not only making it “easy to use”, but also making it “fun to use” – through all the touchpoints of your service: app, web, public screens or internal systems.

Solid technology

By using the latest technology in a meaningful way, we create easy to maintain solutions on top of modern development stacks. That means, making them work on a majority of devices and accounting for various situations someone might use your digital product. We achieve this by having a high standard of build quality.


The world changes. Fast. So do your users' needs and expectations. We build digital products for the future that scale. We aim to make our digital products sustainable by improving performance, which helps battery life of users' devices and energy consumption in general, and by making digital products long-lasting instead of “disposable”.

We believe in a
brighter future

We believe in a world where technology and innovative solutions help us protect people and nature. A world where technolgy helps us build a climate resilient future. A world where technology helps us free time to spend it on things that matters; family, friends, education, love. A world where technology brings people together.

We believe in a world where technology helps us live a smarter, richer and more sustainable life.

We partner with visionary corporations and local entrepreneurs, who share the same believes, to create digital products that we believe are shaping our future.

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People over technology

Digital transformation and shaping the future of digital solutions isn't about technology — it's about people.

Driven by passion and a genuine desire to help people get a better life, we are on a crusade to aid the world with new ideas and opportunities through digital experiences.

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