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Together with people and businesses we are exploring and inventing new ways to help us all live a smarter, richer and more sustainable life. We do so by pioneering and developing inspiring and easy to use digital experiences that work across various digital touchpoints.

What is Knöw?

Knöw [knøw] is an old danish word with many positive meanings to it. Being Knöw means being ‘smart’, ‘clever’, ‘bright’ and ‘bold’ - words we like to associate ourselves and our work with.

We are passionate and ambitious about what we do and aim to deliver digital experience that enhance our lives and environment.

Doing so requires you to be bold and take smart, clever and bright decisions. Mixed with a good portion of humour and creative thinking, we have found the perfect recipe for building outstanding digital experiences.

Think Knöw.

We believe in
a world

Where technology and innovative solutions help us protect people and nature. A world where technolgy helps us build a climate resilient future. A world where technology helps us free time to spend it on things that matters; family, friends, education, love. A world where technology brings people together.

We believe in a world where technology helps us live a smarter, richer and more sustainable life.

We partner with visionary corporations and local entrepreneurs, who shares the same believes, to create digital products that we believe are shaping our future.

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People over technology

Digital transformation and shaping the future of digital solutions isn't about technology — it's about people.

Driven by passion and a genuine desire to help people get a better life, we are on a crusade to aid the world with new ideas and opportunities through digital experiences.

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