We knöw the web

We are an Aarhus based development studio that builds technically sound and solid digital products. And we are having tonnes of fun doing it.


Knöw [knəːw] is an old danish word with many positive meanings to it. Being Knöw means you are ‘smart’, ‘clever’, ‘bright’ and ‘bold’ - words we like to associate ourselves and our work with.

We are passionate and ambitious about what we do and aim to deliver digital products on the highest level.

Doing so requires you to be bold and take smart, clever and bright decisions. Mixed with a good portion of humour and heavy music, we have found the perfect recipe for delivering top quality.

Our work

Founded in 2016, we have already had quite a journey and helped a number of clients fulfill their ideas and goals. Though we are a small company, we can take on projects of various sizes.


Get to Knöw us

Driven by passion, heavy metal and coffee (Gin on fridays), we are on a crusade to aid the world with beautiful code and rock solid digital products.


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