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I love building products for people and with people, whether it's enterprise SaaS web applications or marketplace platforms and native apps. Along with trusted partners, great creatives, agencies and client teams, I've been part of a list of different projects and products.

Wrist Ship Supply

As part of a journey towards smarter and more sustainable digital solutions at sea, Wrist Ship Supply has founded a joint team of internal and external innovators under the name OHOI, to redesign and change the future of shipping infrastructure and the ship supply industry.

With Gateway, Garrets — a subsidiary of the Wrist Group — simplify and streamline provisioning, store management and budgeting. On board.

Enjoy faster ordering, transparent pricing, wise decision-making, and centralized order management all in one platform — a smart web-based platform built to offer an exceptional user experience and a robust, resilient, and scalable infrastructure.


Kamstrup approached us with a wish to assist them initialize and accelerate the development of their smart grid IoT platform, OMNIA®. A platform that enables their customers to do daily management and remote reading of meters.

Resilience, performance, usability and scalability are some of the keywords that describe the foucs of our work with the platform.

Based on a solid stack of modern web technologies, we have built a robust and future proof solution that can be extended with new features and functionality.


Disrupting how you work in the label industry through a revolutionary SaaS platform, LabelHub seamlessly connects the buyer, the designer and the digital label print house.

Together with us they have build the Next Generation B2B digital label management system that makes the process of buying, managing artwork and printing digital labels simple, effortless and automatic.


Founded in 1932, located in Billund, LEGO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials.

In close collaboration with the team at LEGO, Knöw has helped on different IT projects focused on modern web technologies.


A company founded in 1945 and based in Denmark, Grundfos is a world wide manufacturer and provider of pumps and pump solutions.

We have helped Grundfos on a large IoT project, enabling their customers monitoring and measuring their pumping systems.

Our part in the project was to build a unified platform for them to base web apps on in order to shorten the time to market for future products.



Empower people to achieve their goals and aspirations by providing an easy and convenient way to connect with the right people and resources.

The mission of Shouter is to make it simple for anyone to find the help they need to accomplish the tasks and projects that matter to them, whether that's personal or professional.

In a way, it's to help people to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving what they want, to make their lives easier and more productive, and to make the world a more connected and supportive place.

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